WHCC Bell choir, shares the art of hand bells, to offer praise to our LORD and Savior. The ringing of the bells is both a delight visually as well to our hearing. Imagine the piano keyboard, going left to right up the octaves.: Summarily the bells are arranged lowest to highest, The lower bells are larger and heavier, getting lighter and smaller proceeding up the notes. Here is a interesting site with wonderful information of this beautiful art form

The Bell Choir performs a few times a year. You can expect to see them in:

February (around Valentines Day)

March (for Palm Sunday)

May (for Memorial Day Weekend)

Bell Choir is off for the summer months.

November (right before Thanksgiving)

December –(2 performances, 1 Sunday Service then at the Church Candle Light Buffett generally the first Saturday in December)

For more information on the exact date of when the Bell Choir Performs please feel free to call our Church Office at 818 340 5613